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hygiene, promises, not talking about my game

Site Hygiene: As much as I enjoyed having it and reading the comments, shoutbox is down for the time being. Neither the built-in IP-blocker or spam-catcher were working for some reason, and I was getting tired of endless Ambien shilling and Scandinavian porn offers. I’m going to see if the one I’ve been using has […]

pardon our dust

As you can see, it’s different. Whether or not it’s better is uncertain. If you notice anything truly awful – text apparently the same color as the background, wonky spacing, etc. – please do let me know. Otherwise, I expect I shall continue to poke at the theme with a sharp stick until either boredom […]


I have shamefully abandoned this site of recent, and I have not been at all good about responding to questions or emails, or even noticing that I have any waiting for me in the first place. Obviously, the best way to avoid face my slackitude is to redesign the site because that will distract me […]

WCIF / still borked

I’ve run across a couple of my screenshots in WCIF threads and, because I really enjoy answering WCIF questions, I thought I’d make it easy for everyone by providing a place for WCIF queries here – the link is in the top of the sidebar. This is ONLY for questions about MY screenshots. Any WCIF […]

FYI: WNF back up / my game is borked / poll response

WNF is back up! Once again, you can download the aspiration files and, of course, regular content from the WNF sites. borked: I finally broke down and bought Freetime – I could only resist the playable violin’s siren song for so long. However, now I’m having unending crashes without apparent cause. I will spare you […]