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TS2 to TS3 conversions

Just wanted to quickly let anyone interested in converting my TS2 meshes to TS3 know that it is A-OK to do that. You don’t need to ask my permission. Do give me credit, of course.

Holysimoly La Boheme recolors

Unfortunately, I can’t get preview pics secondary to constant and infuriating crashing. Without previews, I can’t upload them anywhere else, so here they are for the handful of people who have indicated that they want them. There are a dozen or so recolors of the iron bed (including the old recolors) and a recolor set for the wooden bed, armoire and endtable. I haven’t seen the wood recolors in game yet, so if they look utter crap, I’m sorry. If they don’t look utter crap, then I’d appreciate it if someone would send me a picture 🙂

DOWNLOAD recolors of Holysimoly’s La Boheme bedroom

@ Mediafire


this site is not dead, I promise

Six months is a bit long between updates, and this is really only a blather update, as I need to organize and update some files before actually offering uploads here. I have been posting things sporadically at GoS, including a few bits of furniture and a set of art supply clutter which I’m rather proud of, offered in both regular and collection-only versions. I’ve also made collection-only versions of my larger sets, including the Ugly Dolls. Yes, that’s right – you can have all 45 Uglies in your game without having to see them until you need to see them! I’m using collection-only versions myself, and now that I don’t have to look at all the UDs every time I shuffle through my overstuffed deco catalog, they seem adorable again, rather than hateful. All of the above is available at GoS now, and it will all be available here soon*, along with some new pieces of furniture, including my successful experiment with slots (!!!!). I know slots are old hat for a lot of creators, but I feel very accomplished for having gotten them to work. You can see a few new things in the pic below:

(click me!)

*Game permitting, which means it will probably take longer than I’d like.

NOTE: Ugly Dolls are no longer available. The Ugly Doll people took their time about it (10 months!) but are seemingly of the opinion that my trademark infringement will lead to rampant overseas manufacturing of knock-off toys. Apparently, I am a big influence on the Chinese toy industry. Who knew?

TSR strikes again

Buggybooz, creator of the amazingly versatile Kitchen Basic, multiple charming plant sets, and a beautiful bedroom set for TSR’s previous community target, Reflexsims forum/Black Pearl Sims, discovered that several of her plant pot meshes were included in a pay set by TSR’s Shakeshaft. These files were named as if Shakeshaft had created them, but internally still bore Buggy’s identifying information. Buggybooz reported this, expecting that, at the very least, the stolen meshes would be removed from TSR. Instead, her MTS2 account was hacked, her downloads deleted, and her TOU changed to be paysite-friendly. Investigation by Delphy revealed that the hacker was none other than TSR’s Thomas, who has been known for some time to use the name “Hamilton” to attempt to recruit MTS2 creators for his paysite.

Buggybooz’ post @ Black Pearl Sims:

Delphy’s explanation of the investigation:

There are discussion threads at PMBD, SimsCave, GoS, and other forums, as well.

There are quite a few creators at TSR whose work I like, despite my opinion of their character and/or intelligence . Shakeshaft was one of them. Now I have my doubts as to whether or not Shakeshaft deserves credit for “her” work or not. For years, TSR “artists” have blatantly copied and charged for ideas that originated in the free community – Maxis Match sets, anyone? extracted maxis meshes? age conversions? – but at least they made (okay, extracted) their own meshes.

Instead of changing their dirty business practices, TSR continues flailing about, trying to discredit the free community in general. It would be laughable if they didn’t have so much personal information on so many people. If you’re a paying member – and it’s not just because you’re keeping an active account in order to funnel files to the booty – what TSR-vindicating stories are you telling yourself today?